First Post!

After years and years of wishing I made a blog to accompany me in my law school journey, here it (finally) is. Baruha is my little extended community quarantine (ECQ) project, something to document both the quarantine and exactly how I managed to survive law school. Hopefully I get to share my tips, tricks, and stories with you!

I’m in my sixth year of law school—that’s right, six years. Who better to give advice about how to survive law school than someone who’s been at it literally forever (in law school years)? Let’s suffer together.

Something about flunking out of law school then being seduced enough by it to transfer to another one does something to your character. Maybe I should write a post about how to fail gracefully. I’ll table that for later.

First things first: why “Baruha”?

I’m in my fourth year of law school, and the threat of taking the Bar exams looms over my head. My first thought is whether I will take the #BestBarEver2020 this year or I won't (because I’ll flunk, because of how the ECQ messed up the academic calendar, or because I didn’t get to submit my thesis on time), and my last thought before I sleep is whether I will take the #BestBarEver2020

So that’s one-half of my blog’s name. By now, you’ve guessed the etymology of the second half: bruha.

Next question: Why “bruha”? Don’t be so mean to yourself!


Bruha” is used to describe a witch (mangkukulam), but can also be used to describe “a woman with a disarranged appearance.” And that’s me, really. I was born with unmanageably frizzy hair I always tuck into a bun, but lately I’ve been doing the curly girl method (there’s a cool Facebook group for women following the method, join us!).

Besides my hair, though, I’m a mess of a person, because I happen to have a condition that prevents me from taking care of myself, makes a mess of how I manage my time, submit deliverables later than late. Let’s call my best friend “executive dysfunction,” and let’s call her mother “ADHD.” 

Wait, WHAT? ADHD? In a Philippine law school? I didn’t think I could hack it, but hey, I made it this far!

So if you’re looking for advice, tips or tricks about how to study, jump-start your law school strategy, how to get into a good law school, or how to survive the experience, watch this blog for updates. I have memes sometimes. Nice to have you around!


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